Basic Federal Government Contract Performance and Compliance - Small Business Development Center Intended for key employees and owners of small business pursuing Federal Government Contracts. Whether this is your first subcontract, your first prime bid, or want to improve the management and compliance of your federal awards, this class will assist in identifying what to pay attention to and what to expect during periods of performance from notice of award to close out. This class will focus strongly on compliance, managing, and understanding contracting activities within the Federal Government and will demystify some of the concepts and notions often misinterpreted. Click on the date(s) below to register: Registration Deadline: 02/26/19 8:00 AM (EDT) Location: UMW Center for Economic Development, 1125 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Suite 400, Fredericksburg VA 22401

Date: 02/26/19

Coming Soon Lunch and Learn: Financial Management Series Over lunch Mr. Llinas and his class will learn about four topics of his expertise. 1. How to Create a Winning Benefit Package (Fringe Rate) 2. Structuring your Overhead Pools (OH Rate) 3. Managing your G&A Rates: BD/BD&P/B&P Budgets (G&A Rate) 4. CEO Considerations for Wrap Rate (All Pools)


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